Natasha Leong


Natasha is a current junior at Deerfield Academy and an international student born and raised in Hong Kong. At school, she is a tour guide, a board member of the Asian Student Alliance, and a graphics associate for the school newspaper, The Scroll. Additionally, Natasha is also an amazing actor and artist, contributing heavily to our visual arts and theatre department!

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Eleanor Wenners


A New Hampshire native, Eleanor is currently in her junior year at Deerfield Academy. At DA, Eleanor plays on the varsity field hockey team. Eleanor can be found doing homework on early mornings in the dining hall or hanging out with friends in the field house. Eleanor is a firm believer in the prep school experience and the importance of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, hard work, and finding a place of belonging.


Angela Osei-Ampadu


Angie is a native from NYC and she is so excited to be a mentor for OutReach & Prep. She is currently a junior at Deerfield Academy and enjoys History, Comp sci, and Spanish. Angie runs a kazoo band that volunteers at a local community center to perform and enjoy wrestling and playing volleyball. In her free time, she enjoys shows like Spongebob, eating pizza, and having a fun time with friends. She loves speaking with and making connections with students and she is so excited to get to know and mentor you. Please feel free to reach out and ask her anything from help on schoolwork, clubs, sports, and so much more!


Anne Brown


Anne Brown is a current junior at Deerfield Academy. Originally from Raleigh, NC, Anne splits time between Raleigh and Charlottesville, VA when she is home on breaks. At Deerfield, Anne is a part of the Disciplinary Committee, Advancement Ambassadors and New Student Integration Committee as well as a member of the JV Field Hockey and Tennis teams. Outside of Deerfield, she is a part of the International Business Internship Program through Leadership Initiatives; she is also the Media Director and works with a team to help bring solutions to the problems of a local fishing farm in Nigeria. She cannot wait to be a mentor with Outreach and Prep in order to help make the transition to prep school easier for students!


Devin Trice


Devin Trice is a junior at Deerfield. She loves reading, writing, and the arts. If she had one word to describe herself, it would be outgoing because she loves to meet new people and socialize. Please don’t be afraid to reach out because she is always happy to meet new people and make new friends.


Quinton Stevens


Quinton is a current junior at Deerfield Academy, making the switch from a public high school after his sophomore year. He lives in Annandale, VA and is involved in soccer and track at Deerfield, as well as Model UN. Additionally, he grew up living in six different countries (Serbia, Ukraine, Jordan, Russia, India, and the US) and loves to travel, learn about new cultures, and study languages. He is extremely passionate about learning and teaching Chinese in particular, working as a counselor at an accredited language immersion summer program called Concordia Language Villages last year, with students ages 8-18. He is eager to share his experiences in regards to the prep school application process, and can’t wait to take your questions!


Taylor Coan




Katrina Csaky


Originally from Dallas, Texas, Katrina is a junior at Deerfield Academy and cannot wait to be a mentor for Outreach & Prep. At Deerfield, she writes for the school’s newspaper, the Scroll, in addition to being a poetry editor for Albany Road, the school’s literary arts magazine. She is also a tour guide and a member of the varsity crew team, Model UN, and orchestra. Outside of Deerfield, she works with Break Bread Break Borders, an organization that works with refugee women in Dallas, and is passionate about political science and social justice law. Finally, she has attended public and catholic schools before Deerfield and is eager to share her experiences for students thinking about making the transition to prep school!


Sarah Stonestreet


Sarah Stonestreet is a current junior at Deerfield Academy from Boston, Massachusetts. She is outgoing, approachable, hardworking, and passionate about boarding school. She was a new sophomore at Deerfield, and applied to eight total boarding and day schools. She plays on the varsity squash and lacrosse teams, and is involved with the Office of Inclusion and Community Life as well as a tour guide at Deerfield. She loves to share her experiences at boarding school, and is here to answer any and all questions about the process. In her free time, Sarah loves to bake, hang out with friends, and play with her dog.


Ellie Shilling


From the greater Boston area, Ellie is currently a junior at Deerfield Academy. At DA Ellie is a part of the junior varsity field hockey and ice hockey teams. She is the youngest of three kids, all of which went to boarding school, and she attended a small all girls middle school from which many of the students applied to boarding schools. Ellie spends her free time going on outdoor walks with friends and hosting movie nights in her dorm room. She is passionate about making sure students find a school that is the right fit for them, and is so excited to be a mentor for Outreach and Prep. Ellie has participated in multiple abroad experiences at Deerfield, so definitely reach out to her with any questions about service and global citizenship.

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Jerry Huang


Jerry is a rising sophomore at Deerfield Academy. After going to public schools all his life, he applied to eight other boarding schools on the East coast in search of a change of scenery. Jerry scored in the 94th percentile on the SSAT and is an honor roll student. Alongside academics he is also part of the varsity water polo and swim team; He is involved in student government, an acapella group, the debate team, and the school newspaper. During his free time he enjoys taking walks with the boys. Jerry loves to travel, learn, and try new foods. He can't wait to share his experiences about the application process or life at Deerfield.


Maddie Poole


From the Pioneer Valley, Maddie is a rising senior and day student at Deerfield Academy. Maddie was a new sophomore at Deerfield, and attended a junior boarding school just down the road from Deerfield for middle school. At Deerfield Maddie is a part of student council, the school’s literary and arts magazine’s poetry board, the debate club, and a part of the dance program where she has even choreographed a couple dance pieces! Maddie also plays soccer, water polo, and swims. She loves to hang out with friends, listen to music, draw, go on adventures, and any food that is chocolate and peanut butter related. Maddie believes that the prep school application process can be such a learning experience about oneself, and can’t wait to share her experiences and answer questions about the process!


Whitney Spater


Whitney is a rising senior at Deerfield Academy from Topsfield, Massachusetts. She came from public school prior to being a new sophomore, and would love to talk with others in a similar situation. Whitney has been a tour guide for all of her years at boarding school, and will be a head tour guide next year. She also participates in visual arts, performing arts, field hockey, writes for the school newspaper, and has been a part of various other clubs. Whitney has gone to sleepaway camp in Maine for eight years, and loves to spend time outdoors with family and friends outside of school!


Mehar Bhasin


Born in California and raised in India, Mehar is so excited to be a mentor for Outreach & Prep. She is a rising sophomore at The Hotchkiss School and enjoys Math, Computer Science, Humanities and French. At school, she is a board member of St. Luke’s Society (community service club), Linkage (a diversity club) and Math Club. Additionally, Mehar is a tour guide and also part of the school’s swim and crew teams. She also really enjoys doing theatre and singing. She loves to meet new people and create meaningful connections. She would be thrilled to share her experiences at boarding school, and you can definitely reach out to her with any questions about the application process and her life at Hotchkiss.