Gabriella Hu


Gabriella Hu is a member of the class of 2021 at Deerfield Academy and a Midwest native. Meeting new people and teaching others are two things she is very passionate about. She has taken numerous AP and honors classes throughout her high school career. At Deerfield, she is the president of the Muslim Student Alliance, a tour guide, an editor for the yearbook, a photographer for the school newspaper, and in charge of the Arabic Club. In her free time, Gabriella enjoys spending time outside, cooking, and golfing.


Talbot von Stade


Talbot is a junior at Deerfield Academy. On campus, she is a Head Peer Tutor, plays Varsity Field Hockey, Squash, and Lacrosse, a Save the Children Ambassador, and a writer for the Deerfield Scroll. She has done a lot of tutoring work with new immigrants and abroad. She is very interested in equal access to education and expanding resources and awareness during the pandemic.


Mark Chung

*Director of Tutoring

Mark is a junior attending Deerfield Academy. Throughout the past few years, he has made it his goal to spotlight underrepresented stories and bring about change in his community’s stance on advocacy. On-campus, he runs a group helping raise awareness for North Korean defectors and participates in activities like the Asian Student Alliance, MUN, and the campus newspaper. In times of global challenges like these, he believes that it is critical that each individual search for how they can make small differences for those in their communities.


Maddie Boger


Maddie Boger is a junior at Deerfield Academy and resides in Saratoga Springs, NY. Beyond classes, she is actively involved in making Deerfield’s campus more sustainable, yearbook, a therapy dogs program, admissions, and more! She also enjoys playing ice hockey and lacrosse both at school and at the club level. Her favorite subject in school is either science or math and in her free time, she enjoy spending time with friends and family.


Ben Chen

*Head Tutor

Ben Chen is a current junior at Deerfield Academy and an aspiring scholar. He understands that the secondary school admissions process that may seem difficult or daunting, and that classwork can also prove to be more than a challenge at times. Ben has promised that he will put in his best effort to help guide students through difficult math problems, frustrating writing prompts, and more. Ben has earned 99th percentile in both the Math and Verbal sections of the SSAT, and hopes that he can be a useful resource for students looking for SSAT help!


Caroline Mahony


Caroline is a Junior at Deerfield Academy, and she lives in Connecticut. She loves the outdoors, reading, and swimming. She is an Honor Roll student, and scored well on both the Math and Reading sections of the SSAT. At Deerfield, Caroline has enjoyed helping tutor her peers through the “Peer Tutor” program, and so she is excited to use that experience to help middle schoolers learn during this difficult time.

"Stay healthy, safe, and keep your minds active. We can get through this!"


Mark Cai

*Head Tutor

Mark Cai is a current sophomore in the class of 2022 at Deerfield Academy, from Boston, MA.  Having made the switch from public to an academically rigorous private school, he understands the difficulty in applying and making this transition.  While the process may seem daunting, having recently been through it before he feels that he can help.  Having tested in the 99th percentile when taking the SSAT, he also understands how important the SSAT is as an area to show admissions officers who you truly are academically.  As an honor roll student at Deerfield, he is excited and looks forward to helping others as they embark on this process.  While at Deerfield, he is a varsity swimmer and rower for DA and his club team and dabbles in water polo as well. He also is a member of the debate team as well as the Asian Student Alliance.


Michelle Zimmermann

*Head Tutor

Michelle Zimmermann is a junior at DA. She was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Singapore. Michelle plays varsity volleyball for Deerfield and club year-round. She is currently taking multivariable calculus and AP physics C, as well as taking AP chemistry sophomore year. She also a peer tutor at school and is part of the International Student Alliance. Michelle is excited to begin tutoring and help reach more students!


Sunshine Chen


Sunshine is a freshmen at Deerfield Academy from Shanghai, China. Coming from a school that required participation in the grueling national secondary examination, she has built a strong foundation in STEM related subjects. She scored 99% in the reading section of the SSAT and a total of 2367 points out of 2400 points on the test, earning her a 99% in the entire exam. During her spare time, she loves to read, debate, and play ultimate frisbee with her friends. At Deerfield, she is part of the orchestra and writes for the science magazine. 


Grace Russell


Grace is a junior at Deerfield and is from Cambridge, Ma. She is a varsity cross country captain, runs track, and plays squash. Grace shares her love for Deerfield by giving tours and writing for the Deerfield Scroll. As someone who is passionate about school, she is grateful for the opportunity to learn from other people. Grace hopes that she can now use her time with Outreach and Prep to help others and be a resource during this unprecedented time.


Chase Mathis


Chase Mathis, originally from Las Vegas, is a part of the class of 2021 at Deerfield. In terms of academics, Chase scored a 96 percentile on the SSAT and 35 on the ACT. He is a good test-taker with a lot of tips that he would love to share with students. Furthermore, he has been on the honor roll every term at Deerfield Academy. Outside of the classroom, he enjoys working with the beehives on top of Deerfield's science building. He is also a tour guide for the admissions office and plays golf. Chase loves to hang out with friends, listen to and make music, and watch films. He and his family enjoy traveling and playing weekly chess tournaments in their free time.


Chandni Sacheti


Chandni Sacheti is a Year 11 (sophomore) at King George V School and, she lives in Hong Kong. She scored all A*s for her GCSEs, which includes Maths, English and Science. Along with being her school's well-being ambassador, she is a member of the student council team, a part of the yearbook team and, she writes and volunteers for multiple associations including ISSIA, SCMP/Young Post, JCSRS (school for students will disabled needs), Lilac blog and Kids4kids, etc. Her passions include reading, writing, cooking and campaigning for animal rights. She's loves learning hence, through teaching, she hopes she can help others learn too!


Aya Takegami


Hi, I’m Aya Takegami, a member of Deerfield Academy Class of 2021. I’m so excited to have this opportunity with O&P as I love tutoring! I’ve tutored students in a variety of subjects since middle school, and currently am part of the Deerfield peer tutoring program. Besides that, last summer I taught English to students in China and even implemented nontraditional learning methods such as the Harkness method. With my experience and extroverted character, I hope to work together through subjects and learn a little bit about students form all over the world!


Daniel Kang


Daniel Kang is from South Korea and is currently a junior at Deerfield Academy. Daniel sings in ensembles and choirs and runs for sports. He is currently taking Linear Algebra and will be taking Special Topics Math next year. He is also a peer tutor at his school, holds a leadership position in Deerfield Classics club, and runs a writing club. He is very excited to use his time to help younger students prepare for their future!


Shifa Malik


Shifa is a junior at Troy High School in Troy, MI. She specifically likes working with younger and middle school kids because of their energy and eager to learn. She’s taken numerous AP and honors class throughout high school including AP Calculus BC. At school, she is co-president of both Health Occupations of Students of America and Science National Honors Society, and plays tennis for her school team. Outside of school, she likes to go on nature walks, complete jigsaw puzzles, and read books about anything made-up. She’s excited to help her students reach their full potential in their academics!


Talia Rajasekar


Talia is a junior at Deerfield Academy and a believer that grilled cheese shouldn’t be eaten without tomato soup. An Honor (& High-Honor) Roll student, she uses this love for perfect pairings—both traditional & unconventional—in a range of classes, from AP calculus and AP biology to college-level organic chemistry and post-AP art. Indian by blood and Middle-Eastern by residence, Talia weaves experience into her writing and has won awards for her declamations and poetry. At Deerfield, she’s the co-leader of an a cappella group and co-editor-in-chief of Focal Point, DA’s science magazine. Outside Deerfield, Talia has spent her summers in laboratories at Harvard Medical School and seminar halls at Princeton. She understands the journey of finding an academic niche, and she’s eager to help students unlock their potential!


Juliette Lowe


Juliette is a rising senior at Deerfield Academy. As well as academics, she loves hiking, running, and weightlifting. She has previous experience teaching Spanish to third graders and tutoring high schoolers in chemistry. She believes that education is the most important aspect in securing a child’s bright future, and so she wants to ensure that during this time students do not find their schooling suffering.


Haley Sundstrom


Hi, I’m Haley! I am a member of the Deerfield class of 2021, and I live in Boxborough, MA. I am so excited to be a part of O&P and to work with students who may have limited classroom resources or feel uncomfortable asking for help in class but could excel with one-on-one tutoring. I think it is so important for students to build strong reading comprehension and writing skills in order to succeed in all subjects. My classmates and friends often come to me to peer edit their essays or to discuss our readings in order to gain a better understanding of the text. I also taught Spanish to younger students at the local Deerfield Elementary School last year. Additionally, I play on the Varsity soccer, hockey, and lacrosse teams at Deerfield and I love dogs!

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Jerry Huang


Jerry is a rising sophomore at Deerfield Academy. After going to public schools all his life, he applied to eight other boarding schools on the East coast in search of a change of scenery. Jerry scored in the 94th percentile on the SSAT and is an honor roll student. Alongside academics he is also part of the varsity water polo and swim team; He is involved in student government, an acapella group, the debate team, and the school newspaper. During his free time he enjoys taking walks with the boys. Jerry loves to travel, learn, and try new foods. He can't wait to share his experiences about the application process or life at Deerfield.

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Darien Chiang


Darien is an up and rising sophomore at Deerfield Academy from Massassachutes. He enjoys playing hockey, and soccer, as well as coding in his free time. Throughout elementary school and middle school he has had much experience helping peers through academic challenges, and he hopes that he can continue that in his high school years.


Emily Kavic


Emily Kavic is a sophomore at Glenelg Country School and an avid student with an unbridled passion for all things "writing", "math", and "otherwise". Especially notable among her endeavors is her zeal for language acquisition; she presently finds herself hunting for further game as she romps about Spanish, German, and number of other tongues. A National Ambassador for Project HEAL, she is an outspoken advocate for the eating disorder community and hopes to forge a sense of camaraderie amongst those in recovery. When she is not writing, she can generally be found poking her nose into canonical Russian literature, indulging in light philosophical banter, or pondering the zeitgeist.


Gloria Chung


Gloria is a rising sophomore at Deerfield Academy. Born in Seoul, South Korea, she has continued to follow her passion for education throughout her middle and high school years. By going on annual service trips to Indonesia to organize summer schools for local children, she hopes she can give other students an opportunity to explore possible areas of interest and discover their passions. She also continues to develop her enthusiasm for education by holding concerts to aid local orphanage children and raising awareness of kids with developmental differences. ​


Angela Zhu


Angela Zhu is a member of class of 2021 at Townsend Harris High School and part of the school swim team. Angela is very passionate about being an active member of her community and spreading awareness about current events. She has taken numerous AP classes throughout her high school career. Beyond classes she is very active in community services and has volunteered at various locations, including hospitals and empowerment programs. In her free time Angela enjoys art and culinary. She hopes to be a responsible tutor and reach out to more students who strive to improve.


David Chen


Hi I’m David and I’m from Perth, Australia!
I recently graduated Cum Laude from Deerfield Academy as a part of the Class of 2020, and will be attending the University of Chicago next year where I plan to major in Computer Science and Economics. I have been a peer tutor at Deerfield for the past two years in a variety of subjects from Math to Spanish. I understand the importance and difficulty of standardized testing and hope that I can teach all the tips and tricks I know to others. I scored in the 96th percentile on the SSAT (99th percentile for math and verbal) and a 1560 on the SAT. At Deerfield, I played soccer, squash, and tennis, while being part of the Investment Club and International Student Alliance.


Jianee Carrasco


Jianee Carrasco is majoring in psychology and chemistry. She has experience as a research assistant, social media manager, medical scribe, and sexual assault advocate. She is actively pursuing a career a psychiatry and wants to specialize in trauma. She has chosen to use her experience and ongoing education as a tool to educate others. She manages a studygram named @abnormalpsyche where she advocates for mental health and provides quick reviews on psychological concepts. She also has experience as a tutor in psychology, biology, chemistry, and physics. She hopes to continue to offer open education to the populations that need it the most and others who simply want to learn.

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Jenny Liang


Jenny is currently a rising senior at Brooklyn Technical High School in NYC. Although she has not taken the SSAT before, she has extensive experience in tutoring and working with other students! In her free time, she enjoys teaching Taekwondo to students of all ages- from as young as 3 years old- and has also tutored other high school students in mathematics. Aside from the nitty gritty of academics though, she is also the captain of the Mock Trial team, the President of a club called Advocates for Housing Rights, and an Assistant of the Chemistry Department at her school! She loves watching Netflix, reading, and watching sports like basketball, football, and volleyball (although she can’t really play). Last but not least, she strongly values education and hopes to guide other students throughout their educational endeavors!


Justin Ahn 


Hi! I'm a rising sophomore at Deerfield Academy, from Seoul, South Korea. I love explaining things, and I'll be peer tutoring at Deerfield next year. I look forward to sharing knowledge and skills I've been lucky enough to pick up from classes, school activities, and independent exploration, whether that be math, writing, debate, or current events.


Daly Baker 


My name is Daly Baker. I am a rising senior at Deerfield Academy. I play squash and tennis there and I love to read and be in the ocean!

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Jean Chun


Jean Chun is a rising senior at Deerfield Academy. Born in Seoul, South Korea, she believes coming to Deerfield has allowed her to grow immensely as both a student and an individual. Jean discovered her love for poetry in middle school, and hopes to help other students develop their passion for writing as well. Her works have been recognized by Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, alongside various online publications. At Deerfield, she is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Lexicon (Deerfield’s online linguistics magazine), Features Editor of The Scroll (Deerfield’s student-run newspaper), and a member of the poetry board for Albany Road (Deerfield’s literary arts magazine). She is also a part of Deerfield’s peer tutoring program and volleyball team. In her free time, she enjoys writing poems, playing drums, and going on walks with friends and family.


Matthew Fierro


Hello, My name is Matthew Fierro. I live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and attend Deerfield Academy. I love playing sports, spending time outside, and being with friends and family. I am excited to be working with Outreach and prep this summer! 


Elena Junkala


Elena is a rising senior at Deerfield from Harvard, Massachusetts. Before going to Deerfield, she went to the Groton School. She got a 36 on the ACT, a 1580 on the SAT, and just completed Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations. Elena loves pretty much every subject in school, and in her free time she loves reading books, playing guitar and pretending she’s really good at it, FaceTiming her friends, and skimboarding on the beach. At Deerfield, she plays Varsity Soccer and Hockey, is a peer tutor, and is part of the Classics club. Elena thinks that learning new things is super fun, and she hopes to help kids love it just as much as she does!