Meet the executive team below and check out our amazing tutors and mentors,

The Executive Team


Jing He

Co-Founder/Executive Director

Jing He is a student, writer, and self-proclaimed "CEO of 6-minute naps." A product of her environment, Jing believes her experiences as a first-gen and in both public and private schools shaped her passion for bringing the needs of young people to the table. Over the past two summers, Jing interned for New York State Assemblywoman Niou Yuh-line, and was inspired by her amazing work in the community; thus she is inspired to contribute to her own. Despite being a solid 5'0, Jing hopes to help tackle the gap between access to education and socioeconomic status with her amazing, dedicated team.

At Deerfield, Jing is a head peer tutor and serves as the Vice President on her school's Model UN and debate team. She also serves on the prose board for her school's literary magazine, Albany Road. In her free time, she enjoys writing (and making videos for her dedicated 30 fans on tik tok).


Ellia Chiang

Co-Founder/Executive Director

Ellia Chiang is a junior at Deerfield Academy. Ellia has always been passionate about wanting to make a difference in the world and to impact the community around her. The idea of Outreach & Prep was inspired by one of her long-standing goals to make education accessible to students. She has experience tutoring and volunteering in different organizations around the world.

At Deerfield, Ellia plays on varsity hockey, writes for the school's science magazine, and is on the nutrition committee. In her free time, Ellia can be found spending time with her family and friends and writing on her poetry blog. 


Benny Yang

Director of Operations

Benny Yang is a junior at Deerfield Academy. A talented artist and a charming leader, Benny is passionate about making connections with people of all different backgrounds. Benny has lived in many places throughout his life —Shanghai, Beijing, San Jose, Wellesley, Deerfield, etc. He hopes that his wonderful and diverse backstories could give those around him a new angle to look at things. 

At school, Benny serves as the treasurer for the Asian Student Alliance, a head peer tutor, and an art editor for the Albany Road, the Deerfield Art and Literature Magazine. 


Natasha Leong

Director of Mentoring

Natasha is a rising senior at Deerfield Academy and an international student born and raised in Hong Kong. She has always been passionate about strengthening global connectivity, in part due to most of her family living across the sea in Australia, and most of her closest friends being scattered all across the globe. She has since created a website during the coronavirus sharing stories from people worldwide, and also hopes to promote a greater sense of connectivity amongst our students and mentors through the mentorship program at Outreach & Prep! 

At school, Natasha is a tour guide, the co-chair of the Asian Student Alliance, and the graphics editor for the school newspaper, The Scroll. Additionally, Natasha is also an amazing actor and artist, contributing heavily to Deerfield’s visual arts and theatre department! 


Mark Chung

Director of Tutoring

Mark a junior attending Deerfield Academy. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Mark engages in multiple initiatives to promote growth in his community, sharing his experiences living abroad to introduce new perspectives. Throughout the past few years, he has made it his goal to spotlight underrepresented stories and bring about change in his community’s stance on advocacy.

On campus, he runs a group helping raise awareness for North Korean defectors, and participates in activities like the Asian Student Alliance, MUN, and the campus newspaper. Additionally, he pursues his passion for chemistry and social sciences through independent projects and research.


Daisy Dundas

Writing Director/Blog Editor-in-Chief

Daisy Dundas is a junior at Deerfield Academy whose favorite pastimes include annoying her friends and searching campus for snacks. Outside of class, Daisy rows on the varsity crew team and serves as a prose editor for Deerfield's literary magazine, Albany Road. 

Daisy's first love is and will always be writing and editing, so she is super excited to be joining the Outreach & Prep team as the blog's editor-in-chief. She firmly believes that applying to Deerfield was the best decision she ever made, and she hopes to inspire others to feel equally optimistic about their prep school experience.