The Heir To The Throne

Peichi Che

I swear I never knew until the day he gave me the book. I was ready to strike the stranger, but all he did was smile. I was baffled, but I summoned up my courage; yet, with one mighty swipe of my arm, he dissolved into thin air. Now, all that was left, was the glowing, green book.


The book had no title. I proceeded to open the cover. The scribbly handwriting filled the pages. It was my dad’s! Tears began to fill my eyes. Why had I killed the messenger? He could have had something important to tell me. After I read the first page, I could not say a word. The page wrote: Please know that you are the heir to the throne, Peichi. This may surprise you, you have magic powers at your fingertips. You will become the princess of the world if proven worthy. You will be picked up at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. Farewell. From: Mom and Dad

I was scared, and I couldn’t sleep for the whole night. I thought, “Mom? Dad? They died a long time ago. How was this possible?”

The next morning at exactly 10am, I heard footsteps near the door while I was still sleeping. The soldiers knocked a few times on the door but before I could respond, they banged the door open. A soldier found me under my blanket. Without uttering any words, he carried me into a horse carriage. As the carriage started moving forward, I said a quiet goodbye to my cottage that I had lived in since I was born. 

It felt like a thousand days before the carriage stopped. There, a guard dressed in gray clothing addressed my arrival to the palace.

“All ahoy! The princess is here!” the guard said into the microphone. “We shall crown her when she finishes her quest successfully!”

I was confused, “May I ask what you mean by quest? What am I supposed to do?”


“Well Madame, to prove you are worthy to be the queen of Rommabekt, you must kill a ferocious dragon.” replied the guard.

One of the guards invited me out of the carriage and brought me to the dragon arena. 


“Ready for the challenge?” someone in the crowd asked.


I never answered because I was shaking from head to toe. The soldiers released the purple, spotted dragon from its cage, and the angry dragon charged at me with blazing fire out of his snores. I was scared to death. When I was about to close my eyes, a memory came to my head. I remembered in the letter that my parents gave me, it stated that I had the ability to use magic powers. I summoned up my courage and put all my emotions into my finger tips. I felt something whizzing through my body, and it hit the dragon in the chest. I slowly opened my eyes and started jumping up and down. I was so excited! The crowd went wild. I will be the heir to the throne today, and I will learn the mysteries of my ancestors!


Magic Button

William Yi

One hot summer Tuesday, I went to a giant flea market with my family and looked around until I saw a white button-up shirt that I really liked so I bought it for thirteen dollars and took a stroll in the park. I was just about to go on the swings when suddenly I heard someone talking. There was nobody else in the park so I got scared. That’s when I realized it was my shirt button who was talking so I asked why are you talking to me and he said: “I’m Phil and an evil witch turned me into this button and I can teleport you fifty times anywhere you want but in return, you have to pluck me off your shirt so I can turn back to my old self.” I said I didn’t believe him but he sounded very serious about it so I said ok and was so excited that I thought it was a dream. As I went home I thought of why Phil got turned into a button. When I asked Phil he said, “I was playing hide and seek with my friends when I accidentally stepped on a button then an evil old witch appeared and she turned me into a button.” First Phil teleported me to Taipei because I really wanted to go. I ate some delicious stinky tofu and pig blood jelly. Next, I went to Honolulu and rented a super nice pool hotel and made big sandcastles on the beach, I went to many more memorable and fun places around the world and last but not least I went to Area 51 so I can find out if the government is really working on big-headed alien species. In the end, when I was done visiting fifty great places, I plucked Phil off my shirt and he turned back into a boy. I was so happy that he finally went back into his real form. We said a quick goodbye and he took an Uber back to his house. It was a great experience and surprisingly it was not a dream. P.S Phil, I miss you and goodbye magic button... THE END